There have been some defamatory remarks made publicly regarding this honorable company which must be addressed:

Due to recent storm damage in the month of March that took place in Los Angeles, the company suffered damage as well as also changing their carrier to UPS who in writing, admitted to not supplying the materials needed for shipping on the company account.

Their UPS account Reps # was also provided however, some have paid no attention and instead of realizing the facts, they believe the worst.

If any of you who are making these statements experienced what has happened here, you would not be making such slanderous public statements.

It is one thing to be understandably annoyed but it is quite another to SLANDER especially when we can easily prove the Slanderous remarks are unjust and Cruel because the 1st thing people opt to believe is "SCAM" if packages are late instead of realizing Small Companies when hit badly by damage and carrier issues, have a harder time recovering as fast as larger companies.

The owner became ill 3 days ago as a direct result of the damage inflicted upon her company. She broke down.


Many have received and are happy with their orders.

They are trying to catch up however, no one has been in the office for 3 days and will not be until Monday April 11, 2011 so as the owner can get back on her feet and Recover both Physically and Commercially.

One person who calls at 5-5:30 AM daily from the office Caller ID reports and has been FULLY REFUNDED, has called the company BOGUS and a SCAM.

The company is run by human beings.

They could not avoid what happened and all while trying to catch up, have had to tolerate Abuse and Slander.

Please Public, try and put yourself in their shoes.

I am refunding when requested for them..Thankfully only very few have been Cruel and Not Unerstanding

They have suffered at the hands of Natural Disaster widely reported within the last month all over the media and a carrier that has not complied with the Account Materials they are to provide to a business.

UPS STORE on Hawthorne Blvd in Los Angeles REFUSED to hand out Airbills.
They do not do that anymore and it is up to the independant store owner.

The owner is recovering from Collapse.

Business has been temporarily closed and no access to email.

I built the site and am able to post this.

My name is TR and I am placing this on their website because what is being stated in public is not even close to the truth with the exception of some Late Deliveries which had people not been so Cruel and write Slander, the owner would have not had such a BROKEN SPIRIT and continually worked diligently to get caught up with the staff this past week as promised.

A human being is a human being, please remember that and she just collapsed lost strength.

To abuse is not ok, regardless Why...

Say you didn't get your order but do not label SCAM or BOGUS because it is LATE for Valid Reasons

The truth is, everything stated BY MARINA CULINARY is entirely substantiated and yes, it's easy to throw public blows at a small company out of believing the worse instead of just maybe, just maybe giving the benefit of the doubt especially when emails were answered near immediately until they had to close for a few days.

HOW IT "APPEARS" IS NOT HOW IT IS and I am ready to provide to ANYONE Complete Verification...

It would be different if we could not PROVE all of this but we can and are happy to.

There were NO COMPLAINTS until this happened to them...And That Speaks Volumes

Thank You